Contemporary Artist Use Social Media for Global Branding


In a world where the majority of the world´s population is using social media websites like  Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with audiences, artists who traditionally avoid the usage of technology in  their careers are using the internet for self promotion and networking. While Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Alexa do not depict artists in mass numbers searching for arts-related keyword over the internet, the platforms do indicate that  there is a rise in the number of artists who are using internet technologies, and social media websites in particular.


As I am formulating a dissertation around these ideas, I am constantly looking for real world examples of this on the internet. The artist who comes to mind is Eva Fidjeland of Sweden. Rather than running away from the usage of technology, Eva Fidjeland has embraced it by promoting her brand and art  work on every social media website she comes in contact with. As a result, Eva Fidjeland has a plethora of material on Google, as well as other search engines. As her career continues to develop, art buyers and others will have the opportunity to learn more about Eva Fidjeland´s inspirations and even purchase her art work directly over the internet. While there are many artists selling their products on the internet today, few have participated in social media with a level of engagement similar yo Eva Fidjeland.


Article by Dominic  Richardson, writer/editor at Art Bracket  LLC


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